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Right From The Start

Welcome to the Sunset Auto Family, and congratulations on your new vehicle! This is a brief informational video about our Sunset Exclusives: Warranty Protection For Life, Oil Changes For Life & Maintenance For Life. Please watch this brief video to comeplete your new owner orientation.

right from the start

Sunset takes pride in our relationship with our customers. Many of our customers have been returning to Sunset for years to purchase additional vehicles and to service their current vehicles. We strive to treat our customers like family.

To insure this relationship starts off right Sunset holds a new owner’s clinic called “Right From The Start”. Attendance ranges from 350-500 customers at each quarterly event. We put on a 45 minute “show” where we thank our customers, explain and validate the “Oil Changes for Life” program that was included with their new vehicle and discuss how important their complete satisfaction really is to us, we go over the manufacturer surveys and explain that this is the dealership’s report card and that “Completely Satisfied” is the only passing grade. We let them know that if they cannot and will not give us that “Completely Satisfied” mark, that we will do all we can to earn it.

In addition, we have a Q & A session; we allow them time to talk to service writers, service techs and salespeople regarding particular questions they have about their new vehicle. We introduce them to key members of the staff …just in case they ever need anything we can help with.

We get them included in our social media, and conclude the clinic with some drawings. All the while they are enjoying a really nice continental breakfast.